To recognize a possibility

Providing the total solution from developing and then manufacturing.

Possibility Practice + idea + execute. We provide the total solution for customers with these. Needless to say, we meet the strictest of standards such as waterproof testing, airtight testing and pressure resistance testing. We listen to suggestions with the aim for improvement of our products and your existing products and increase added value.

Desire to look for the solution

“Through the underwater diving equipment, people can join hands with nature, to enrich both of them.” This is part of our policy. Cooperating with customers, we aim to provide better products to the world. To date we have done this with medical instruments and space suits. We had researched and then developed jointly with other companies. We are constantly challenging ourselves in new areas as well as continuing the challenge with diving equipment.

Other R&D experiences

High performance underwater diver propulsion vehicles
Constant buoyancy underwater apparatus
Water repellent and vapor permeability drysuits
Electronic underwater gauges
Diving fin testing machine
Douglas bag
Air filters for Hooker diving
OEM diving products
LED lights for special use
HID lights for special use
Waterproof vessels and cases

Typical workflow


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